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Join brands like Kite Hill, Sweet Loren's and Deep Indian Kitchen in a private, curated cohort of executive leaders from $40mm+ brands. Get the insights your team needs to mitigate overwhelm, stay ahead of roadblocks, streamline operations, and accelerate growth.

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Real questions. Real support. In real time. From leaders who know.

We are focusing our attention on reworking our relationship with UNFI. Who has been able to negotiate with UNFI? Specifically, what have you been able to accomplish?

Who has a 3PL they are happy with?

What tools do you use to manage marketing campaigns for a company $60mm in revenue?

Is anyone else nervous about all the lawsuits against food companies? How are you protecting yourself?

We’ve had a lot of turnover lately. Does anyone have a resource who can help us address the systemic cause of this?

What resources do you devote to chargeback management or do you just consider them a cost of doing business?

Things are tight so we are thinking about attacking some of our expenses for bottom line improvement - has anyone had success negotiating FedEx/UPS rates? I’ve heard there are companies that help with this but are they worth it? Any recommendations?

Is anyone using EOS? What are pros/cons?

Does anyone have a factoring lender you’d recommend?

We are thinking about trying a new R&D company than we’ve used in the past. Any recommendations?

We are presenting to Walmart. Our broker has shared strategy with us, but I’d like to gain wisdom from my fellow brands. Any tips, pitfalls to avoid, etc.?

"The challenges you have when you’re a startup are different than the challenges you have when you’re a $40 million dollar company. Knowing there’s a resource you can tap into (at the later stages) is what makes NPEC great."

Justin Gold
CEO and Co-Founder of Justin’s nut butter
& NPEC ™ Advisory Board Member

Justin Gold 500

Your team faces numerous daily challenges and, as operations expand, these challenges become more complex and carry greater risk. NPEC™ streamlines problem-solving by saving both time and money. We offer a unique opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge of peers, quickly gain insights into various solutions, and therefore, mitigate risk. Your team will feel more confident in leadership decisions, streamline your operations, and grow smarter.

Connect & Grow

Tap into peers who have been there before.

Save Money

Get discounts, access, and avoid leadership missteps.

Save Time

Efficiently implement solutions without trial and error.

NPEC™ does for your business what Maps does for a rush hour commute – we provide access to collective knowledge to create the smartest, most efficient way to reach the destination.

Natural Products Executive Collective™ (NPEC™) Founder & CEO, Julie Nirvelli
Natural Products Executive Collective™ (NPEC™) Founder & CEO, Julie Nirvelli

Hi, I'm Julie

I'm so excited to bring NPEC™ to our natural products community! We are revolutionizing the way brands are conducting day to day operations by saving time, money, and elevating success. How is that possible? I’m glad you asked!

As an entrepreneur in the natural products industry, I am driven by a passion for improving systems as well as the desire to serve the community - I've channeled 15 years of natural products industry expertise into NPEC™. What I’ve learned is that knowledge is powerful, but accessing the wisdom of peers efficiently has always been a challenge. We asked ourselves, how can we create value and help industry executives learn from each other effectively? How can we help save time, money and provide a framework for more informed decisions while elevating the industry as a whole?

NPEC™ emerged as the solution, offering a platform based on efficient knowledge sharing, thus saving valuable time and resources. We've built a community where members empower each other, enriching not only their own success but the industry as well. As an additional alignment with our core values, we’ve designed NPEC’s business model to include collaboration and revenue streams for non-profits supporting our industry.

Join NPEC™ today - save time and money by unlocking the power of collective knowledge and community support.

Welcome! I look forward to meeting you.

Join a private cohort of executive leaders from 8-12 companies.

Tackle Your Toughest Issues with Collective Knowledge

NPEC™ gives you direct access to an invaluable resource - your professional peers. Your cohort is a private community of seasoned executives focused on collaboration, idea sharing, benchmarking and tackling issues together. 

A few of the most impactful Member Benefits

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Monthly Forums

Connect with your peer group in confidential monthly video calls. Dig deep into pressing topics and exchange invaluable insights from diverse experiences.

Member Benchmarking Portal

Access aggregated metrics to benchmark your performance and identify opportunities. Make data-driven decisions to maximize efficiency and profits.

Exclusive Access & Member Discounts

Get inside access to resources and exclusive discounts on events, technology, and more.

Leadership and Partner Resources

Cultivate your leadership talents with access to leadership resources, exclusive access to training, service providers, and mentoring opportunities.

Online Discussion Board

24/7 access to the best resource of all: your peers. Find answers to your strategic questions or get expert feedback on challenges large and small. Ask, search, and share to contribute to the community.

Webinars and Knowledge Base

Stay ahead of industry shifts through curated presentations. Leverage shared documents, SOPs and industry reports without reinventing the wheel.

What others are saying

"Access to people who have done it before are the answer to having more success, faster, in any business. I know the power of community firsthand and I am thrilled that Julie and her team are creating a supportive and engaging platform for more brand founders and teams to connect."

Sari Kimbell

Creator and coach, Food Business Success

"Connecting with your peers is such a powerful way to learn, to understand that everyone has some of the same issues (and they are solvable), and to develop a network of professionals who can assist now and in the future."

Fred Storck

Retired Vice President of Sales, Beyond Meat