NPEC is a private, independent community for leaders of $40mm+ companies in the Natural Products industry. We don't replace your Board of Directors, we multiply it. 

A peer network for your success

Membership gives your team access to a private, curated cohort of CXO leadership, best practices, independent advice, and peer-to-peer support you cannot find anywhere else.

Support for your whole team.

As a leader, you want your entire C-level team to feel supported and provide them with the best tools for success.

Imagine if they felt:

  • Less overwhelm
  • More supported
  • Increased confidence in making decisions
  • Less guesswork and hoping for the best
  • Valued from the investment to support them in their roles
  • Enhanced collaboration and camaraderie
  • Empowered to tackle challenges head-on
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Is NPEC right for your business?

Is your team stretched too thin? Are they checking items off the to-do list as fast as possible and therefore not making the most informed decisions? Would the team benefit from bouncing ideas or asking for recommendations from their peers? Could your company save money by making smarter decisions? Are you working toward an increased revenue goal and potentially acquisition at some point?

We are so confident that NPEC will help and save you serious time and money, that we will give your money back if you don’t.

"None of us is as smart as all of us. Learning from a community of peers has proven (again and again) to fast-forward a brand's success. NPEC's framework is built to facilitate exactly this type of supportive community."

Arron Mansika

Naturally Boulder Inaugural Executive Director, 2006-2021 | CEO Mindful Your Business

You don't have to face the challenge alone.

Join a collaborative community dedicated to your success. Through the collective intelligence of your peers, NPEC provides unparalleled support for natural products leaders as they navigate the growth journey from $40mm-80mm+.