Announcing the Natural Products Executive Collective (NPEC)

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Filling a Gap in the Natural Products Industry

We are thrilled to unveil Natural Products Executive Collective (NPEC), a game-changing platform designed to help solve problems faster, empower executives, foster collaboration, and drive innovation within the natural products industry. Today, we are excited to invite you to join us on this transformative journey as we launch NPEC to the public!

There are many resources for start-up brands but once revenue reaches $1 million, $10 million and beyond, there aren’t. There is a huge gap for C-Level professionals to have the opportunity to learn from one other, brainstorm solutions and share ideas.

We recognize the immense potential and struggles of the natural products industry. From manufacturers to retailers and service providers, each stakeholder plays a vital role in shaping this dynamic sector.

We also understand that natural product executives face challenges:

  • meeting peers and fostering relationships
  • tapping into the collective knowledge of other C-level executives
  • learning industry hacks like how to negotiate with distributors or large retailers

That’s where NPEC comes in.

We are a thriving community built by inspired industry executives, for industry executives. By joining NPEC, you gain access to an extensive network of like-minded, experienced professionals who share your passion for driving positive change in the natural products space, through collaboration and thought-sharing.

Our unique offering is that brand executives are placed in a tier with peers so discussions and questions are relevant to challenges and triumphs.

NPEC is about community contributions helping raise the tide for the good of all. forging meaningful connections. Engage in thought-provoking discussions on our interactive forums, where you can connect with peers, exchange ideas, and tap into the experience of others.

Our platform offers a wealth of resources to fuel your success:

  • get questions answered in real-time through topic specific discussion boards; opt in to the boards that interest you most
  • join an executive forum with peers who work in the same company role as you
  • attend expert-led webinars to gain new perspectives
  • dive into our comprehensive knowledge hub where you can find anything from creative ways to borrow money to how to create culture among your team
  • stay ahead of the curve with the latest insights and emerging trends that will shape the future of our industry

As part of our commitment to fostering collaboration, we are delighted to announce exclusive benefits and early access to premium features for our founding members. Take advantage of this limited-time promotion and be at the forefront of the NPEC community.

Joining NPEC is easy. Simply visit our website at and sign up for a membership tier based on your revenue (this ensures that you are grouped with peers of similar size companies.) Together, let’s shape the future of the natural products industry, driving growth, sustainability, and positive impact!

We invite you to explore NPEC, connect with fellow professionals, and embark on a journey of collaboration and innovation. Together, we can make a difference.

Welcome to NPEC!


The NPEC Team