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We interview all prospective members to ensure fit and connection with your appropriate peer group. Membership pricing is based on tiers of revenue to ensure membership delivers substantial ROI.

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Who has been able to negotiate with UNFI? Specifically, what have you been able to accomplish?

Who has a 3PL they are happy with?

What tools do you use to manage marketing campaigns for a company $5-$10m in revenue?

What are some tips on managing investor relations?

Is anyone else nervous about all the lawsuits against food companies? How are you protecting yourself?

We’ve had a lot of turnover lately. Does anyone have a resource who can help us address the systemic cause of this?

What resources do you devote to chargeback management or do you just consider them a cost of doing business?

Things are tight so we are thinking about attacking some of our expenses for bottom line improvement - has anyone had success negotiating FedEx/UPS rates? I’ve heard there are companies that help with this but are they worth it? Any recommendations?

Is anyone using EOS? What are pros/cons?

Does anyone have a factoring lender you’d recommend?

How has a good outsourced R&D recommendation? We are looking to develop a new product line.

We are presenting to Walmart and wondering what pitfalls to watch for and questions to ask that are good to know specific to how they operate. We have a broker but I want to hear from a brands perspective what we need to know.

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Below are a few of the limited-time offers available to new members in addition to the regular NPEC member benefits.

FREE with NPEC Membership ($100 Value)

Your NPEC Membership includes a membership to your local chapter of the Naturally Network.

$1000 Credit for Services

Your NPEC Membership includes $1000 toward any service you purchase from our Service Provider partners.

Eligibility: Grow, Elevate, and Thrive Members

FREE Fuel VIP Program Access ($542 value)

Your NPEC Innovate Membership includes access to the Fuel VIP Program for brands under $300k in revenue, a $542 value!

Eligibility: Innovate Members

50% more Coaching Call Time

From our friends at | Sari is offering increased coaching call time with her from 30 minutes to 45 minutes -ONLY 2 members can redeem this offer.

Eligibility: Innovate Members

LIMITED to 2 Members only.

$1000 Off Master Your Business

Master Your Business is for brands $300k+ It is the foundations, systems and processes as well as becoming a CEO work. It is only open twice a year. Get exclusive access and $1000 off with your NPEC Membership

Eligibility: Innovate Members

LIMITED to 2 Members only.

30% Off Strategy Sessions

From our friends at | Get strategy sessions with Sari Kimbell coaching at 30% off exclusively with your NPEC Membership.

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FREE UNFI Consult ($500 Value)

Complimentary 1 hour session to talk thru UNFI issues and how to handle specific problems or to answer questions from Synergy Sales Consulting Group.

Eligibility: All NPEC Members

LIMIT 2 Available

FREE Expense Analysis ($500 Value)

Free Expense Analysis - identify what expenses are worth the effort to reduce.

Eligibility: Grow, Thrive NPEC Members

FREE Private half-day training ($345 Value)

Executive Training: Awareness as Advantage - free private half-day training for one person ($345 value) or apply $345 to team training (from Arron Mansika, MINDful Your Business)

Eligibility: Grow, Thrive NPEC Members

10% Off HR Assessment ($1500+ value)

10% off comprehensive HR Assessment including compensation, programs, compliance, job architecture, and more from Acer Partners.

Eligibility: Thrive NPEC Members

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What others are saying

"None of us is as smart as all of us. Learning from a community of peers has proven (again and again) to fast-forward a brand's success. NPEC's framework is built to facilitate exactly this type of supportive community."

Arron Mansika

Naturally Boulder Inaugural Executive Director, 2006-2021
CEO Mindful Your Business

"Access to people who have done it before are the answer to having more success, faster, in any business. I know the power of community firsthand and I am thrilled that Julie and her team are creating a supportive and engaging platform for more brand founders and teams to connect."

Sari Kimbell

Creator and coach, Food Business Success

"Connecting with your peers is such a powerful way to learn, to understand that everyone has some of the same issues (and they are solvable), and to develop a network of professionals who can assist now and in the future."

Fred Storck

Retired Vice President of Sales, Beyond Meat

“In my many years of mentoring and working with founders and key executives in the Natural and Organic industry, one thing has become crystal clear to me: leaders learn the most by connecting with each other about how to overcome obstacles. There is clearly a need for this on a national level.”

Bill Capsalis

Former Executive Director of Naturally Boulder