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NPEC was born to enhance leadership success by filling critical gaps, especially for more established companies. We view industry resources not as competitors, but as partners in helping you reach your goals.

Snapshot of Industry Resources

While regional events, national conferences and consultant advice can hold value, our platform supplements these experiences by offering multiple problem-solving perspectives right when you need them.


Best for...

National Conferences

Specific education options, meet new people and reconnect with others, meet customers.

Regional Associations

Build local relationships/community, education opportunities


Focused area of the business with in-depth understanding of the unique problem


Follow a specific journey relevant to the stage of business

Gov’t Agencies

Directories, local business support

The Natural Products Executive Collective

On-demand questions answered from multiple perspectives, in-depth conversations with peers, library of webinars, articles, resources, and benchmarking data. 

NPEC members get exclusive access and discounts to other industry resources.

Your success is our mission!

What others are saying

"None of us is as smart as all of us. Learning from a community of peers has proven (again and again) to fast-forward a brand's success. NPEC's framework is built to facilitate exactly this type of supportive community."

Arron Mansika

Naturally Boulder Inaugural Executive Director, 2006-2021
CEO Mindful Your Business

"Access to people who have done it before are the answer to having more success, faster, in any business. I know the power of community firsthand and I am thrilled that Julie and her team are creating a supportive and engaging platform for more brand founders and teams to connect."

Sari Kimbell

Creator and coach, Food Business Success

"Connecting with your peers is such a powerful way to learn, to understand that everyone has some of the same issues (and they are solvable), and to develop a network of professionals who can assist now and in the future."

Fred Storck

Retired Vice President of Sales, Beyond Meat

“In my many years of mentoring and working with founders and key executives in the Natural and Organic industry, one thing has become crystal clear to me: leaders learn the most by connecting with each other about how to overcome obstacles. There is clearly a need for this on a national level.”

Bill Capsalis

Former Executive Director of Naturally Boulder