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The Natural Products Executive Collective (NPEC) is a private network created by industry leaders for industry leaders. Your membership gives you access to best practices, independent advice, and peer-to-peer support you cannot find anywhere else.

Natural Products Executive Collective™ (NPEC™) Founder & CEO, Julie Nirvelli
Natural Products Executive Collective™ (NPEC™) Founder & CEO, Julie Nirvelli

Hi, I'm Julie

After 15 years in the food industry, my biggest take away is the power of collective knowledge. I experienced the challenges and obstacles firsthand by running a food company for 10 years.

I created NPEC to help fellow brand leaders access the same transformational impact of mentors, peers, and friends that helped me so much.

Through my work serving brand leaders I often spoke with service providers in our industry. When I shared NPEC with them, they were soon asking for the same amazing resource so they could share best practices, resources and potentially refer business back and forth while creating community.

I’m happy to report, NPEC now holds space for Service Providers as well. Join us!

Welcome! I look forward to meeting you.

- Julie

Tackle Your Toughest Issues with Friends & Experts

NPEC gives you direct access to an invaluable resource - your professional peers. Join a community of seasoned executives focused on collaboration, idea sharing, benchmarking and tackling issues together. Whether you seek best practices, industry data or simply a sounding board, NPEC is here to support your goals.

Your Membership Access

Monthly Forum Calls

Feel more confident in your role by expanding your knowledge base through talking about best practices and learning from other experts. These member-only, cohort based monthly calls provide the setting to dig deep into relevant topics. By sharing expertise and learning from others, the collective knowledge is elevated and benefits everyone.

Discussion Boards

Take the pressure off and feel more confident making decisions as you gain a quick understanding of issues by accessing topic-specific message boards. Opt in to categories matching your leadership focus. When challenges arise, find tips and advice from peers by searching discussions or posting questions. Active collaboration helps address pressing issues.

Member Website

Gain better clarity by increasing overall knowledge. Access relevant tools in real time to help make informed decisions quickly. The site is filled with content we've curated from years of leadership and that our members have asked for. Scroll down to check out all of our member benefits.

Additional Features & Member Benefits

Save time and money when utilizing NPEC benefits to find solutions.

Exclusive Access & Member Discounts

Save money with insider member deals to resources, services, events and more.

Topical Discussion Boards

Get instant, knowledgeable answers – search the archives or post your own. Opt in to topical boards that are relevant for you.

Docs and Knowledge Base

Save time and energy by leveraging shared documents, SOPs and industry reports without reinventing the wheel.

Member Benchmarking Portal

Maximize efficiency and profits by comparing your performance to others, identify opportunities and make data driven decisions for improvement.

Service Provider Insights

Access cutting edge approaches from vetted industry service providers who help solve challenges every day. Gain exclusive access to webinars specially curated for NPEC members.

Leadership and Partner Resources

Advance your business and professional growth with powerful leadership resources, exclusive access to training, service providers and mentor opportunities.

Jobs Board

Looking to hire? Trying to help someone find the right company? Utilize our network to help make the right connections.

The "Bat Phone"

Quickly and effectively gain insight on urgent matters with this special, “in-case-of-emergency” topical board. Problem solving at your fingertips with input from advisory board experts, industry veterans and peers.

NPEC Directory

[Coming soon] Pinpoint resources quickly to find other members, service providers, co-manufacturers, and partners--and connect with them directly through our platform.

What others are saying

"Connecting with your peers is such a powerful way to learn, to understand that everyone has some of the same issues (and they are solvable), and to develop a network of professionals who can assist now and in the future."

Fred Storck

Retired Vice President of Sales, Beyond Meat

“In my many years of mentoring and working with founders and key executives in the Natural and Organic industry, one thing has become crystal clear to me: leaders learn the most by connecting with each other about how to overcome obstacles. There is clearly a need for this on a national level.”

Bill Capsalis

Former Executive Director of Naturally Boulder

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Service Providers have an important role to play in supporting NPEC members and advancing our industry as a whole. To facilitate this engagement, NPEC vets all service providers and enforces strict guidelines around contributions to our community. We also provide a private forum for Service Providers, directory listings, and resources to help them grow their impact.

If you are interested in learning more about contributing to the NPEC community, please apply now.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. We carefully curate each cohort with brands that do not directly compete.