Save on Staffing with Traba’s NPEC Discount

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We’re excited to share that one of our valued partners, Traba, is offering NPEC members exclusive savings on their staffing needs. Traba is an industry-leading provider of temporary and contract labor for manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and other industrial operations.

As a leader in on-demand staffing solutions, Traba helps businesses effectively scale their workforce up or down depending on seasonal or project-based demands. Their vetted talent pool ensures you have the right people with the right skills when you need them.

NPEC members can take advantage of a special 5% discount on Traba’s standard markup rates. Simply connect with Traba directly from within your NPEC account to receive this discount on all your staffing. This offer provides substantial savings for our members who are managing variable staffing budgets.

We’re grateful to partners like Traba who support our member community with valuable cost-saving perks. Don’t miss out – start budgeting your staffing needs with Traba and this exclusive NPEC discount today.

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